ICRS I am NOT Ready for Metal -focus meeting 13.-14.12.2018


It was truly a pleasure for Askel to participate in the ICRS I am NOT Ready for Metal -focus meeting held in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. ICRS stands for International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society and it is the leading society for scientists and clinicians focused on making the joints great again.

The meeting was all about the current evidence-based solutions for treating cartilage damage and delaying the need for metal prosthesis. The meeting offered a perfect opportunity to catch-up on what can be done, what cannot be done and – importantly – what is wanted to be done in the future.

Few key take home messages we picked up were:

Honestly speaking, with biological treatment options, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) or BMAC (bone-marrow aspirate concentrate), the community doesn’t know what they are exactly doing. PRP was even titled in the meeting as “PR-What”? Even though there are successful clinical cases with promising long term results, there still isn’t the answers for the basic questions of a) what the product is and b) how does it work when it works (or doesn’t work)?

It´s needed to learn how to identify or profile the best possible patient-treatment -combination. Multitude of factors, such as weight, prior treatment regime of the joint, the detailed anatomical composition of the joint, age, gender… all affect the treatment outcome. We all have definitely a lot to learn here.

A synovial joint of an human-being, or a dog or a horse, is a complex “organ” and it needs to be treated as such. Repairing the joint surface is not going to solve the problem if other parts of the joint are below physiological norm. Proper alignment of the bones to create correct biomechanics, healthy meniscus and absence of inflammation should always be considered alongside cartilage regeneration. It’s all about joint homeostasis!

Despite the large number of unanswered questions, it was great to get a validation from the vast array of experts present in the meeting that the cartilage regeneration solution such as what Askel offers, i.e. the COPLA® Scaffold, is exactly at the top of its game. As with every treatment tackling complex pathological situations, COPLA® Scaffold is not a one-size fits for all solution, but it surely can have a significant role making the lives of the patients much better.

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